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Star of 'Y Tu Mama Tambien' dealing with international custody

Last month we talked about the situation facing Kelly Rutherford, an actress known for her role on the now-finished TV show "Gossip Girl." She was married to a man who currently lives in Europe after some bad business deals led to the U.S. government revoking his passport. That means that the children she shares with him spend a lot of time overseas, and Rutherford is challenging their child custody arrangement.

Now comes another international child custody issue involving an actor or actress -- although this one doesn't involve the United States, nor does it seem to be as contentious as Rutherford's situation.


Gael Garcia Bernal, who starred in the movie "Y Tu Mama Tambien," reportedly is separated from his wife of five years and the belief is that they will get a divorce. Bernal has two kids with his estranged wife, Dolores Fonzi. Bernal lives in Mexico and Fonzi resides in Argentina. Apparently Bernal has been flying between the two countries to see the kids, and according to Bernal's mom he and Fonzi "remain great friends."

We bring all of this up because though international child custody is a daunting and intimidating task, Bernal and Fonzi seem to exemplify the fact that it can be done right. Anyone who is dealing with an international child custody situation should obviously consult with an experienced divorce attorney to ensure their case is being properly handled.

However, just because international law is involved in your divorce doesn't mean you should panic or think that you'll never see your kids again. A fitting solution can be arranged.

Source: Huffington Post, "Gael Garcia Bernal Separates From Wife After 5 Years Of Marriage: Report," Taryn Hillin, Sept. 3, 2014

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