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The story of the 'divorce selfie' and what it means

There is a certain perception of divorce, one that makes it seem like no matter what the splitting spouses do, there will always be contention and arguments between them -- and especially while the divorce is happening. It's a stereotype that has plagued the idea of divorce for a very long time, though that perception is starting to fade a little bit as people begin to look at prenuptial agreements, mediation and collaborative law.

That's what makes our source article for today so interesting: a couple took a "selfie" when they were at the courthouse obtaining their divorce papers. In the picture, the couple seems to be smiling genuinely, and they talk in the story about how they don't want their divorce to be an angry or upsetting ordeal. They want to preserve their friendship once the divorce is complete, and they are taking steps to make that a reality now.

They say they have taken an unconventional approach to the whole divorce. They have even pursued a pet custody agreement, which is an increasingly-common element to divorce, just so they could see each other on weekends with their dog.

The whole point of this post -- and the message of this couple's divorce selfie -- is that ending your marriage doesn't have to be the bitter and contentious affair that it is made out to be. There are ways for the splitting spouses to handle their divorce in a mature and amicable way that allows them to move on with their lives without the drama commonly (but not necessarily correctly) associated with divorce.

Source: Huffington Post, "What Happened When We Posted A 'Divorce Selfie' On Facebook," Brittany Wong, Aug. 26, 2014

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