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Actress laments her international child custody arrangement

Kelly Rutherford is a successful actress, so it would seem like her life is a dream. However, her on-screen life hasn't exactly mirrored her off-screen life, as a divorce and a brutal child custody battle has taken its toll on the 45-year-old.

In 2006, Rutherford married a German businessman, with whom she had two children. During her pregnancy with their second child though, Rutherford filed for divorce. Since the filing, which occurred in 2008, Rutherford has been locked in a child custody battle. Even though she and her ex-husband agreed to joint custody, Rutherford filed a restraining order against her ex-husband -- and then things spiraled out of control when he was accused of illegal business activity.

As a result of those accusations, Rutherford's ex-husband lost his U.S. passport. That meant that the children he and Rutherford shared would now have to spend 50 percent of their time in the United States, and 50 percent of their time in France, where Rutherford's ex presumably lives.

It's a complicated divorce case with very serious emotional and immigration issues attached to it. At present, there is no solution to Rutherford's situation.

When it comes to child custody and visitation, interstate and international arrangements can be difficult -- but they can be done. Obviously, in the case of Rutherford, she doesn't agree with the current setup. But there are ways for divorced parents to deal with one of the parents moving to a different state or country and still have an acceptable child custody arrangement.

Source:, "Kelly Rutherford’s Child Custody Saga Continues," Renee Jackson, Aug. 14, 2014

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