Protecting Clients' Rights In PINS Cases

A child under the age of 18 may be found to be a Person In Need of Supervision (PINS). At Cobert, Haber & Haber Attorneys at Law, we have significant experience in this area of juvenile law. Our attorneys serve clients in Nassau County, on Long Island and throughout the New York metropolitan area.

A juvenile may be a PINS candidate if he or she exhibits one or more of the following:

  • Does not attend school
  • Uses drugs
  • Displays dangerous, out-of-control behavior
  • Frequently disobeys parents, guardians or other authorities

We Understand Your Circumstances

Our family law team is sensitive to both sides of the issue, as we have represented both children and parents. Typically, the child's school files a case against him or her. In these cases, we provide strong representation on the child's behalf to ensure that his or her best interests are met.

However, if your child is truly out of control, frustrated parents can file a petition as well. Once the petition is filed, the court ensures that your child is evaluated. Then, the court may order treatment, counseling or supervision in order to help get your child's behavior under control.

Call Now To Arrange A Consultation

If you are dealing with a PINS case, it is critical to enlist the help of an experienced lawyer. To set up your initial consultation, please call 800-724-5209 or send us a message online. We are able to arrange after-hours or weekend appointments for clients who cannot meet during normal business hours. For your convenience, all major credit cards are accepted.