Strategic Representation In High Asset Divorces

At Cobert, Haber & Haber, we understand that high income can complicate a divorce. Our attorneys have more than 40 years of experience guiding clients through complex divorce proceedings in Long Island and throughout New York. We are here to help you through the process while protecting your hard earned assets.

Experienced Asset Valuation And Division

High net worth divorce settlements are not an easy process. There are typically multiple types of income or savings accounts which must be considered. High-earning couples may also have assets with debatable worth. For example, the family business could be sold for a specific dollar amount today, but it might have a higher value in five years.

Our lawyers can help put a practical value on your property and divide it among you and your spouse to meet your needs. Between decades of experience we can develop a strategy to protect your assets and help you maintain your lifestyle. We can evaluate and divide assets such as:

  • Retirement accounts such as 401(k)s, IRAs and pensions
  • Investments such as stocks and bonds
  • Family-owned or partner-owned businesses
  • Investment or personal real estate

Taxation is also an important consideration in high asset divorces. Tax implications can be financially devastating. Our firm can help minimize tax implications and keep you on your feet after divorce proceedings.

Dedicated Legal Service Helping To Achieve Your Goals

Preserving lifestyle is a common goal for our clients. We can tailor our representation strategy to meet your objectives. There is a lot at stake in divorce and we are willing to represent you in court. While proceedings can get messy we always keep family in mind. Our attorneys aim to protect children through divorce and custody agreements. Call our office in Garden City to discuss your options at 800-724-5209 or contact us online.